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Age: 3 years old

Grade: Nursery

Birthday: July 3, 2014

Interests: Watching the other children play, laughing

Birthday and Christmas Wishes: Barbie dolls, kitchen toys, purse

Clothing Sizes:

Shirt - Toddler 3T
Pants - Toddler 3T
Shoes - Toddler 7


Ashley and her sister Shaida arrived here at Hope for Tomorrow in December of 2014. As they adjust to living with us, we fall more in love with these precious girls. They were taken out of a bad home situation with a young mother and placed with us, where they have transformed from timid, fearful children into delightful, loving children who love to make new friends. Their smiles, giggles, and darling personalities enrich our home, and all the other children love to give their chubby little cheeks lots of kisses.

Ashley is a darling baby who completely captures everyone's heart. Her beautiful, big brown eyes observe all that's going on around her. She loves to watch all the big kids play! She loves to wiggle and move, and does not like to be confined to one area. She bounces and crawls and pulls herself up on anything she can find. It won't be long before she learns to run all over the place! Most of all, Ashley loves to laugh. In the time we have had Ashley with us at Hope for Tomorrow, she has made so much progress and attached so well in the home. Everyone is so happy to have Ashley in our home!

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