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Age: 4 years old

Grade: Nursery

Birthday: June 12, 2013

Interests: dancing, climbing around, playing with dolls

Birthday and Christmas Wishes: Interactive books, barbies, foam puzzles

Clothing Sizes:

Shirt - Toddler 3T
Pants - Toddler 3T
Shoes - Toddler 6


When Leticia arrived at Hope for Tomorrow, she was malnourished, underdeveloped, and underweight. Leticia was 11 months old at the time but she was incapable of sitting up on her own. Because of an uncertain family situation, Leticia is currently a "temporary" placement here at Hope for Tomorrow and we have been going through the long process of the legal system to see whether she will stay with us or go back to a family member.

In the meantime, Leticia is simply adored among the children and the staff. In the past months she has been with us she has made some truly remarkable improvements: Leticia loves to run around and talk just like all the other kids! Every week she learns a new word. Leticia is an incredibly happy little girl... she loves to smile and giggle. Edwin especially makes her laugh. Her beautiful blue eyes and adorable smile makes people on the street stop and look at her, and her patient nature allows easier interaction with the other kids. She is very curious and prefers to find crayons and various things the older kids have left laying around rather than playing with her own toys. We often find her climbing on chairs and tables... you can't take your eyes off of her for a minute! Most mornings, Leticia joins the older kids in the preschool. Although she is much younger than most of the other kids, she absorbs all the things happening in the classroom. She is still very small for her age and the Hope for Tomorrow staff is doing their best to help her grow.

Please pray for Leticia's continued development and health, as well as her family situation.

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