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Age: 2 years old

Grade: Nursery

Birthday: March 14, 2018

Interests: ball, trucks, playground

Birthday and Christmas Wishes: toys, books, soft balls

Clothing Sizes:

Shirt - Toddler 3T
Pants - Toddlr 2T
Shoes - Toddler 7


Oseas arrived at Hope for Tomorrow in August 2019. He is adjusting well to the home and enjoys playing with the other children. He came to use because of poverty. His mother works cleaning a parking lot, but doesn't have any place to live or anyone to help take care of him. He was often left alone in the parking lot while his mother was working. Oseas loves to play ball and to play with cars. In the home, you can hear him running after the big kids in the home or chasing a soccer ball down the hallway racing cars up and down the hallway giggling. He has an amazing smile and a joyful laugh. He makes a fantastic addition to our home.

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