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In 1995, our family became forever connected with Guatemala when baby Lee joined our family through adoption. Now, I am "Mama" to two wonderful children born in Guatemala, as Clarita joined our family in 2002. Throughout my experience as an adoptive parent, as well as a professional in bringing together children and families, I have seen firsthand the growing need for intervention for children in crisis in Guatemala. Lifting my concerns to God with an open heart, I continue to marvel as He reveals His plan to build an orphanage in Guatemala. The journey began with a leap of faith, the support of family and friends, and the desire to make a positive impact on children's lives where opportunities for stability are all but nonexistent. My roadmap? Prayer, journaling, and God's networking to bring together a core group of individuals committed to seeing the project through from start to finish. In sharing with you the call, as well as the intricate workings of God along each step of the journey, I hope it will inspire you to pray for us and perhaps consider if God can use you in a tangible way to assist in the construction or programming of Hope for Tomorrow Children's Home.

In His Love,

  • October, 2003 - The Adopt!inc. Board of Directors approved the development of an orphanage in Guatemala.
  • October, 2003 - Began recruitment of a Steering Committee.
  • October, 2003 - Jennifer Grisham-Brown and Brenda Riddle met with Ben Mathes, Rivers of the World.
  • May, 2004 - Brett Ledbetter and Brenda Riddle initiated contact with missionary, Mark Smith.
  • June, 2004 - University of Kentucky Social Work Intern, Lisa Gipson assigned to the orphanage development project.
  • June, 2004 - Researched other groups’ missionary programs.
  • July, 2004 - Obtained child care facility health and safety standard.
  • July, 2004 - Obtained child care facility provider requirements.
  • July, 2004 - Obtained standards for residential child-caring facility.
  • July, 2004 - Obtained standards for child-caring facility.
  • July, 2004 - Obtained immunization requirements for long term care facilities.
  • August, 2004 - Began ongoing collaboration with Margaret Orr and Chriss Barnes with Small Miracles International.
  • September, 2004 - Opened a separate bank account for the Children’s Home Fund.
  • September, 2004 - The first formal Steering Committee meeting was conducted.
  • September, 2004 - Architect Warren Denny presented a basic architectural design plan of the orphanage.
  • October, 2004 - Initial web site development completed.
  • January, 2005 - Fact finding trip to Guatemala by volunteers Warren Denny and Brett Ledbetter, including a visit to La Esperanza Orphanage; networking with Pastor Alvaro of Shalom Baptist Church, Guatemala; look at potential property location.
  • January, 2005 - Creation of forms: Volunteer Application, Short Term Mission Trip Checklist, What to Pack List for Volunteers, etc.
  • August, 2006 - Mission trip to Guatemala by Jennifer Grisham Brown and Brenda S. Riddle including interviewing attorneys; tour of La Esperanza Orphanage and La Primavera Orphanage; collaboration with Pastor Alvaro; meeting with Magali Quintana, owner of La Esperanza.
  • November, 2006 - Location of potential missionaries Joshua and Kacie Goe who are “called” to Guatemala to facilitate the development of the children’s home.
  • January, 2007 - Board of Director’s approves funding for the missionaries for 3 months.
  • February, 2007 - Missionaries Joshua, Kacie, Gabbie, and Malia Goe move to Guatemala.
  • August, 2007 - Mission trip to Guatemala by Jennifer Grisham Brown and Brenda S.Riddle; initiated paperwork for our own civil society; visit to La Esperanza Orphanage.
  • September, 2007 - First major fundraiser - $20,000 in cash/pledges.
  • February, 2008 - The “Gala” fundraiser by Good Shepherd church (profits donated: $9,542).
  • March, 2008 - Receipt of our civil society (corporation) in Guatemala.
  • April, 2008 - Hosted 10 member team mission trip to La Esperanza Orphanage; attempts to finalize transition to our organization; assessment of children at La Esperanza who are expected to have their guardianship transferred; creation of a “child development room” (centers including art, blocks, dramatic play, and reading; painting of the school room).

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