Hope for Tomorrow Children's Home

Hope for Tomorrow Children's Home, located in Guatemala City, Guatemala, is dedicated to providing orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk children with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. Since 2007 we have served more than 70 children. Currently, 15 beautiful children call Hope for Tomorrow their home.

How we're different

Hope for Tomorrow Children's Home isn't an orphanage, it's a HOME created intentionally to provide the best possible environment for children.
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Small Families

We purposefully maintain our homes with a small number of children to ensure quality care and a family-like environment. We believe children are unique and special and having a small population in each home allows that individuality to flourish.

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Mixed Ages

We don't divide children based on ages. Newborns, children, and teenagers are all part of our family. Older children learn about caring and protecting the younger children. The younger children have positive role models in the older children.

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Mixed Needs

Children with special needs aren't excluded or separated rather they are an equal part of our family. We want to promote within all of our children a worldview of equality and mutual respect no matter a person's development.

How we make a difference

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As a Christ-centered ministry we strive to point each child towards the plans of hope and life in abundance that only a relationship with Him can bring. Whether a child comes to us from abuse, neglect, or abandonment we know that Christ can bring healing to their hearts.

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The health and well-being of each child is a priority for us. Many children come to us malnourished and neglected and with little to no medical history. Doctor and dental appointments, as well as needed lab work is a routine part of the care we provide.

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We believe education is the key to opening up future opportunities for our children. From the moment a child arrives, they are enrolled in local private schools where they receive a quality education that will prepare them for their future.

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A child's path to healing many times includes counseling to help the child process the emotions associated with their situation. For some, developmental delays may require speech or physical therapy. Whatever the situation we ensure each child receives the help he or she needs.

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Life Skills

Life skills are crucial components children need to be successful in their future and break the cycle of poverty from which they came. Our life skills program provides opportunities for our children to grow and mature and prepare themselves for their future independence.

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Long Term

A key component of Guatemalan culture is long-term family life. Following this cultural mandate is important to us and while we encourage our older children to work towards independence we ensure each of them that we are here for them for as long as that takes.

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Meet our children

Every child at Hope for Tomorrow is unique and special. Their pasts have been difficult, but their future is full of hope. Read their stories. Be inspired. Get involved.


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Our newest addition to our Hope family is also the youngest. We can't wait to see what God does in Santiago's live!


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Santiago is a sweet, happy little boy. He has the biggest grin and loves when the other children talk or sing to him.


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Aron arrived in December. He loves playing with his toys, but he especially loves eating and looks forward to each meal.

For I know the plans I have for you...plans of good...plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

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