Providing an inclusive environment for orphaned adults with developmental disabilities

Group Home

From the beginning Hope for Tomorrow's goal has been to offer an inclusive environment for all children, including children with developmental disabilities. Due to the lack of resources available in Guatemala to individuals with disabilities, Hope for Tomorrow's group home provides care well beyond childhood.

Our group home serves our young adults with developmental disabilities offering them a structured living environment focused on independence and life skills for as long as they require.

Moving Towards Independence

Our group home has been designed specifically to help our young adults with developmental disabilities become as independent as possible.

Professional Care

The primary caregiver of our group home is a licensed psychologist and trained in working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Together with our social worker, co-founder, and other professionals, we can ensure each resident receives the highest quality care.

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Tailored Independence

Whatever an individual's abilities, our goal is moving them towards their personal obtainable level of independence. For some that could mean holding a full-time job. For others this could mean helping around the house. Independence is tailored to their needs.

Life Skills

A large part of independence is working on valuable life skills such as cooking and cleaning, handling money, and being able to navigate public transportation. These types of skills are crucial for a person's independence and we focus on integrating these lessons into daily life.

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