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We're supporting at-risk children and their families even after they leave Hope for Tomorrow

Hope for Families

When children come to Hope for Tomorrow many of them come from extremely difficult financial situations. Once with us, we provide them with all the resources and opportunities they need to flourish and the transformations we see are incredible. However, when a child is placed back with their families or with relatives, many times they return to the these same impoverished living conditions from which they left. Unfortunately, this means that the progress that was made while at Hope for Tomorrow will be lost.

That's where Hope for Families comes in. By supporting families with ongoing access to food, education, and/or health care, we can ensure that these children continue to thrive in their new environment.

Providing Tangible Support

Hope for Families provides children that have been a part of our children's home with ongoing access to food, education, and/or health care after they have been reunited with their family or placed with relatives.


Guatemala has the highest rate of malnutrition in Latin American and many of the children that come to Hope for Tomorrow come to us malnourished. While at Hope for Tomorrow we work with a nutritionist to ensure that each child receives well-balanced meals. Even after just a short time with us, we see dramatic improvements in their physical appearance and cognitive abilities.

Unfortunately, returning to impoverished conditions means there is a high risk a child slides back into malnourishment. Through Hope for Families, we provide families with nutritious food to help keep children healthy. And through regular checkups, we can track a child's growth and make sure they are hitting their milestones.

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Education at Hope for Tomorrow has always been a top priority for our ministry. The public education system in Guatemala is unfortunately extremely deficient. Many public schools don't have access to basic resources like textbooks. And if you are fortunate enough to graduate from a public school, many businesses won't even hire students from public schools because they know the received a sub-par education.

While at Hope for Tomorrow, children are enrolled at high quality private schools, and tutors in the afternoon help to get children caught up. Yet after being placed back with families, many children return to the public school system. This radically decreases their prospects of graduating from high school, severely reducing their future opportunities.

Hope for Families partners with private schools in their area and then supports a child with enrollment, tuition, books, and supplies. Our goal is for each child to graduate with a quality education so they are in the best possible position to pursue their dreams.

Health Care

Some of the children that come to Hope for Tomorrow have health needs that are hard to be met by their families. While at Hope for Tomorrow we do complete medical checkups and provide medical care and medication as needed. Sometimes this can be simple anti-biotics to help fight off an infection. However, sometimes this can mean ongoing medication like seizure medicine.

Hope for Families works with children, families, doctors, and other medical organizations to make sure that a child's basic medical needs are covered. We also provide periodic checkups to follow their progress and ensure they are healthy.

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What You Give

By sponsoring a child in Hope for Families, you'll help by providing:

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We provide children and their families with nutritious foods to ensure they are well nourished.

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We believe a quality education is important for their future to break the cycle of poverty.

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We provide regular checkups and, if needed, ongoing medicine for chronic conditions.

Best of all, in addition to supporting your sponsored child, your monthly support also assists other children who are part of Hope for Tomorrow's programs.

What You Get

Beyond the joy of knowing your sponsorship is impacting the lives of at-risk children, as a sponsor you'll also receive:

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Regular updates and communication from your sponsored child.

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Tax Deduction

A tax-deductible receipt of your giving.

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Hope Calendar

Our yearly calendar featuring pictures of all the children.

We know that becoming a sponsor will be as life-changing for you as it will be for your sponsored child.


When you choose to sponsor a child you may have many questions. Find information on some of the most frequently asked questions. Of course, if you need more information or have other unanswered questions, don't hesitate to contact us.
We take pride in offering sponsors regular communication from their sponsored child through email. These emails can be short updates on special milestones, cards and photos on special occasions, or hand-written letters from your child that we scan, translate, then email. We believe that communication is a key component of the relationship between a sponsor and their child.
Yes! Your sponsored child would love to hear from you and write back. Letters and pictures are a wonderful way to help him or her get to know you and your family. We will translate it and make sure your child receives it. After sponsoring a child you'll receive instructions on the best way to communicate with your child.

Hope for Families provides children and families with nutritious food, private education, and/or regular health care. This means the cost for a child to be in our Hope for Families program can exceed what one individual can commit to on an ongoing basis.

Because of this, we allow multiple people to sponsor a child until that child is 100% sponsored. This brings a unique sense of community and collaboration to our sponsorship program as people around the world join together to support a child.

Of course, you are welcome to fully sponsor a child and become that child's sole sponsor.

You can sponsor a child for any amount, but fully sponsoring a child in Hope for Families cost $120/child each month. This provides a child with:

  • regular nutritious meals,
  • enrollment, tuition, books, uniform, and school supplies at private school nearby the family,
  • and regular checkups at our ministry center to track growth and treat minor medical issues.

No. To ensure that funds are used appropriately, Hope for Tomorrow directly pays for food, education and health care. We then provide those goods and services to the family. This way we can be sure that your donations are used responsibly and correctly.

You can give your monthly donation through our online page or by check. Doing your contribution online is a convenient way to set up a recurring payment that is automatically deducted each month from your debit or credit card (don't worry...you can change this at anytime).
Absolutely! Hope for Tomorrow is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Any donation or sponsorship that you make will be tax deductible. At the beginning of the following calendar year, we'll mail you a statement of all the donations you made during the year that you can use to claim your tax deduction.
Your sponsorship doesn't just support your sponsored child, but also benefits ALL the children who are part of our ministry. That means you are helping to provide loving care, nutritious food, quality education, medical care, and more to every child, regardless of their sponsorship progress.